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Plugin merge for Cf 7.0 on JDE 9.0 - Slowwwwww


Dear All,

We are currently in the process of moving over from Create!form3.2 to Cf 7.0. We have also upgraded our JDE from 8.10 to 9.0.

With Cf7.0 when the users try to merge JDE PDF's using PlugIn (version it is very slow. To give you an idea of slowness a JDE PDF with 3000 pages takes only a minute in Createform 3.2 while it takes around 10 minutes in create!form 7.0.

One possible reason could be that we were unsing Citrix servers for 8.10, while in 9.0 we have moved over to web client. There could be possible factors of LAN/WAN delays.

But still 1 minute to 10 minutes is just killing us!!!

We are checking with Bottomline with this they are asking us to reduce the graphics on the docs, which we did with some positive effect on time. But reducing the graphics cannot be done beyond certain point due to quality issues.

If there is anyone out there who had a similar issue and got it resolved kindly share.

Looking forward for some replies...



Thanks Peter, that throws a ray of hope.

I am going to test the solution by mapping my JDE user to PI to a create!form enabled printer queue.

I have not worked with publisher. Can you give me some pointers how to set the publisher to print the PDF output to a folder.

Thanks again.


Publisher is just when your Cdirector project Send node uses a Destination Type of "Folder". You'll need a license key in order to enable that functionality.




It was 5 or so years ago when we set up to use that method of merging. I can't remember exactly what we did - I'm not even sure we had to install any more software, but there definitely was another license key we had to enter. Karen's post put's it in a "nutshell."


- Save the file to a common shared printqueue directory
- Process all form jobs through director with printimmediate
- Use the Email Queue to save a merged PDF file with a new name
- Use OSQL commands inside of director to update the JDE WSJ table with the new merged file name

Keeps everything local. Plugins across the WAN is a bad design.

When I asked bottomline in the past, the answer I got was to install a createform server at each location.

I hung up and figured out a different method.