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I posted this on Formscape forum, just reposting to CF one (maybe with better luck :)).
Hi All, We are in the process of upgrading JDE from 8.0 to 9.2. For forms (and other reports processing, like emailing simple PDF) we've bought Transform 7.0 designer. We have a huge learning curve as Transform is a completely different product than Create form Designer and Director we currently use (and the help files are not much help either). Main issue we are struggling with at the moment is sorting of R42565 - we have 2 details sections combined into 1 for form creation purpose and that one section can't be sorted as we want using document structure change. They recommended sorting the pdf before it hits the Transform server, which is a solution we can implement. However, my issue is that Transform should be the greatest form solution and what was (very easily) doable in old Create form designer, somewhat is a big deal/not possible in this package. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I can't help with how to work in Transform Designer but my question is why did you move to Transform? Cform v8.x works with E1 9.2 PDF's. It would have been some work upgrading/converting your Cform projects if you were way back on Cform v3.2 but at least the software is familiar and you would not have to re-learn an entirely new application.


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If you create a key object in the PDF in the sequence that you want the end result to be sorted, you can use this key field in the Document Organizer to sort the section based on this value. The inbound PDF does not have to be sorted before being sent to Transform if the key field to be sorted against is correct.

We have used this method against our R5542565 as some customers require the invoice sequenced uniquely for them. As long as we populate the sort key properly in the detail data based on the customer, Transform will sort the detail lines accordingly. we also use this method to sort the invoice detail lines alphabetically by product name for other customers.

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Good morning! Transform was highly recommended by the vendor as the "way of the future". We also planned to implement its other components, e.g. Content center to replace our aging imaging system. Looking back, CF upgrade was a better option, but we are too far in to change it now. Thanks!