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AS/400, MS-Access, breaking/reattaching the link

I got handed a World acct that has an access table linked to a 400 table.
I don't know a thing about access.

Anyway, the key on both tables, is WNUM, which is 10 characters.
They need this to be 20 characters.

When in access, they are getting a "can't save properties on linked table" or similar message.

Where do the tables get linked?
How do we break/re-establish that link?

When the link IS down, we plan on changing the access WNUM to 20 characters.
On the 400, we are replacing WNUM w/ DRAW which is 20 characters.

Will access be able to link WNUM to DRAW, or do we have to
change access to use DRAW as well?


In Access, open your database, click File, Get External Data, Link Tables. Select the type of connection you're trying to make (ODBC in this case).

Since you are linking to an existing database, you can't make changes in Access. The linked tables will have whatever properties (field type, length, etc.) are in the underlying linked-to tables. So basically, you have to change the underlying JDE tables, not the Access tables.

I don't think you need to break/re-establish the link. After making your changes to the JDE tables, re-open Access. The linked tables should now have the attributes of the linked-to tables.

I trust you'll be able to figure out the rest for yourself.


In Access you may have to run the Linked Table Manager. The location of the Linked Table Manager depends on your version of Access. New versions of Access has it under the Tools->Database Utilities menu option or it is located under the Add-Ins menu option