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Thread: Create!Director / Create!Stream Function in Transform

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    Question Create!Director / Create!Stream Function in Transform

    Is there anyone who knows that I can use Transform to do similar to the Create!director /Create!Stream function, taking a JDE E1 PDF print job in the print queue and direct it to the desired printer based on data in the PDF and do not need data mapping/FORM (page layout), etc.? I know I may need the REPORT part to do some logic (figure out the desired printer based on the incoming data). How to accomplish this task?

    Tsunghan Tim Hui
    ERP 8.12, Tool Release
    DB=SQL 2005

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    Yes, this can be done easily with JDE OSA Parser, you can read the document properties to detect the printer, and then print the original JDE pdf without transform treatment

    also you can do this using the old style print queue, but this will need the mapping of the relevant fields in the JDE document to apply the logic, but then you can send to the printer the original JDE document.

    Carlos Lorenzo
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