Hi all,

I am trying to change the text in the login screen for 9.1, web server is on linux OEL v6

I would like to add some text next to the "JD Edewards EnterpriseOne" at the top left of the screen and I found that we need to change a javascript file: loginDecoration.jspf
(this is for the text to appear in the page before you login to JDE)

However when I change this under 'oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/servers/xxxxx/stage/xxxxxx/app/webclient.war/share' folder I can't see any change in the login screen. It seems that the change is not picked up on the web page for some reason.

Is this the correct file I am changing (loginDecoration.jspf)?
is there anything that's cached and needs to be removed or update dfor the change to take affect in this TR?

Thanks in advance!