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Thread: Debugger not working on app

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    Debugger not working on app

    I am working in 9.0 and am attempting to debug an app (R55...). I have the ER debugger up and running. In my environment I am not allowed to run the app locally from solution explorer, only via HTML. Running this app via the local HTML client should still link to the debug tool, correct? It's not hitting a very obvious breakpoint that I have setup, just like the debugger is not setup. Any ideas?

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    Re: Debugger not working on app

    Hi Pierce,
    I've run into some challenges with the debugger in 9.1 as well. Occassionally I have had to restart my computer, log into JD Edwards, then open the debugger and set breakpoints before doing anything else. Then running the app in local web seems to communicate with the debugger.
    Marshall Baird
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    Re: Debugger not working on app

    1)exit from jde client
    2) go to C:\E910\JAS\EA_JAS_80.ear\webclient.war\WEB-INF\lib
    3) rename soap.jar in soap.orig_jar
    4)open the fat client and try to debug

    Let me know if this works.

    Besta regards.

    Bruno Condemi
    E1 9.1 - TR AS400 + WIN2008 - WAS 8.5

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    Re: Debugger not working on app

    This did not work. Signing out and back in did work. Thanks for the help.

    Should this app log in the jdedebuglog? I have tried turning logging on several times with no luck.

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