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Thread: Override Address Geocode from Vertex

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    Override Address Geocode from Vertex

    We are in the process of implementing Vertex to work with JDE 8.12. We need to be able to pull tax for a sales order that has an override address but the geocodes are pulling based on the default customer setup. If anyone has any experience with this, I would appreciate input on how we can pull the geocode or tax in general from Vertex using the override address on the sales order. Thank you!!

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    Re: Override Address Geocode from Vertex

    Does the customer override (address book) have a GeoCode assigned in JDE?
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    Re: Override Address Geocode from Vertex

    We had the same problem and never found a way to do this.
    We needed to keep our customers standard shipping address, allow changes at order entry time and use Vertex. Our solution was a new Address Book type which we use for these one-off addresses. It's pretty tedious to edit the AB record before an order can be entered, hope you can find a better way.
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