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Thread: Failed to start Excel when clicking the Export Grid Data button

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    Re: Failed to start Excel when clicking the Export Grid Data button

    We had the same issue yesterday and it was caused by the another Excel file opened and the cursor was in one of the cell (edit mode?) on it. Once user exit from the cell by Esc key, then went back to E1 and no error on grid export. (Windows XP SP3, MS Excel 2003, E1 9.0 Tool 8.98)

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    Hola Xavi,

    Como hiciste para que te funcione el export a Libre Office?


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    Our user had 999 versions of Book1(1, 2,...999) in Downloads folder. Deleted them and the function works again.

    Quote Originally Posted by rodrique View Post
    When I want to export something to Excel, I get a failed to start Excel notification. Does somebody know the solution to this problem?

    Thanks for all the support!


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    Add the Production URL to the Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer.

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    Even the thread is not that much active,we can add solutions so that it will be there for future reference.

    We got the same issue, and found that user was already opened another Excel sheet and a cell was being edited. We just saved, and closed the Excel and we could export to Excel.
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