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Thread: F43199 Purchase ledger (X43199)Business fucntion

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    F43199 Purchase ledger (X43199)Business fucntion

    Any one used this business function to insert record into F43199.If so can you please let me know how to use it and parameters to pass?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: F43199 Purchase ledger (X43199)Business fucntion

    I am not sure whether you can call BSFN X43199 directly but for sure indire ctly.

    Report R43500 (PO Print), calls BSFN B4300330 (F4311 Update Purchase Order Detail Next Status). BSFN B4300330 calls X43199 (InsertPurchaseLedger).

    Hope some help. Good luck!!

    E8.12 / AS400

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    Re: F43199 Purchase ledger (X43199)Business fucntion

    Thanks so much for the help Mitu.i will try it.

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    Re: F43199 Purchase ledger (X43199)Business fucntion

    Have not done this myself, but came just happened to stumble upon it a couple days ago:

    Use function B4300110 to get the pointer to the F4311 row you want to write to the ledger, then yes, you can use that function to directly write the row to the ledger.

    I'm sure you have already figured this out, but wanted to share what I found.
    Bill Lachenal
    JDE Technical Consultant since 1995

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