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    Program Changes


    I'm conducting an audit of general computer cotntrols with regard to JDE. Our client produced a report (PGMRPT) for us to disern what programs have been modified. I found the following two entries:

    Library......Object.........Created by User

    Q: Can someone define for me the objects, and let me know their significance? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Program Changes

    > JDFOBJ.......X0001M...........KD857311
    > EDTESTOBJ....P58L003..........JONDOE
    >Q: Can someone define for me the objects, and let me know
    >their significance? Any information will be greatly

    X0001M. That's interesting. That's part of the JDE menu system, and I'd be surprised if you have source code for that as it's generally not released. The program has, or should have, no observability which means that JDE do not want you to look into it. Licence checking is performed somewhere within the menu system, so modifications to this program could be a sensitive issue.

    I would restore the original X0001M from the JDE release tape to a temporary library and compare the two versions using both the DSPPGM and DSSPOBJD commands. In particular check the object sizes, the creation date, the source file, and the source file change date/time. If the only differences are the change date and the save/restore information then I suspect all that happened is that someone ran the CHGPGM command over it, which would not actually alter the program's function. Even if it checks out I personally would restore the as-delivered version of X0001M over the changed one, having first copied it away somewhere in case I suddenly needed to put it back.

    P58L003 is not a standard JDE program. System code 58 is reserved for client (ie. your own) use. This is therefore a home-grown program. The interesting thing to me is that you have or had a user profile on the system call JONDOE. What's that about? On a machine running an ERP system you want every user profile used to sign on to the system to be linked to a single identifiable person.

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    Re: Program Changes

    Thank you, Dave Kahn, for your response.

    As for JonDoe, that was just a moniker I substituted for the user's real ID; afterall, I am dealing with my client's confidential information.

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    Re: Program Changes

    Just a thought on X0001M... There was a SAR that came out with a correction to that program to remove the "Hardware Model Change" error that was no longer needed. The SAR was A737478349 and all you get with it is a new X0001M, no source as expected.

    I agree with Dave, a user has not changed it but you could be looking at an updated version from this SAR?
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    Re: Program Changes

    Via DSPOBJD's "Change Date/Time" parameter I see our X0001M "changing" many times per day. I just don't know what causes the changes nor what is being changed. When I opened a call with PS over a year ago, the consultant couldn't tell me that either. I told our auditor that I believed this program was tracking our use of the software. By the way, our CHGPGM cmd was last used 8 months ago. Debbie

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