E9.2 Your favourite Maintenance / CAM WO backlog screen?

What is your most used maintenance work order backlog screen?

  • P48201 - Regular Revision screens

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  • P48201E - Short Form

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  • P48100 - I think this is iPad version

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Oracle offers several work order backlog screens

We try to take advantage of power forms by using P48022. Though some older maintenance screens still call P48201 from their row exits. So we have to use both: P48022 and P48201. And we use P13700 for Model work orders.

I am interested to hear what WO backlog screens others are using?


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A lot of the feedback we've heard on projects was that the P48201 was generally preferred over P13700 due to which included columns, but since the P48022 was released and can call most any of the Edit apps, we've found many clients liking this Backlog better.

You do raise one of the frustrations...as the newer P13700 and P48022 apps were released, they rarely went back and corrected the Row and Form exists that pointed to P48201. So usually you end up configuring more than one of the apps/versions to cover all your needs.