Work Order Backscheduling - date changes and routings


Hi All, last week we made a largely successful transition from OneWorld all the way up to EnterpriseOne 9.1 but I've got a minor issue I haven't been able to discern the cause of or correction for.

Currently when we change the request date on a work order header and move the date in to an earlier date, it does the back scheduling and correctly adjusts the dates on the routings to match. However, if we move the date out to a later date, the routing dates for each work center do not change.

We'd like the routing dates to recalculate in either case so that our dispatch lists are updated to match, and I'm sure this is just some background setting we're overlooking. Is anyone here familiar with this issue and the fix for it?
And sorry, I'm realizing now I should have posted this in the Applications subforum...