Using database triggers to run OneWorld UBEs


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Dear List,

I suggest that we collect explanations, on how to start OneWorld UBEs from
database triggers in all three databases that OneWorld runs on, and add this
information to the tips and technique forum. I'm not so sure about how to do
it (I don't have access to forum, just mailing list), so I can't read the
FAQ, but I guess Zoltan will know. Or maybe Eric will read this (a side
question, sorry for asking, but is Eric reading the list, or just
maintaining it? Sorry again for asking, but I really wonder.). I already
have a piece of information to share, which was kindly provided by Franck
BLETTNER (I guess he does not know how to add it to tips forum as well). It
goes after my signature, because I just quote it. Could someone reply with
AS/400 and Oracle samples?

Vladimir Ponomarev

!Important Part!
---Extract from original mail by Franck BLETTNER

It's a sample to execute a batch with an SQL server Trigger.

FOR insert, update, delete AS
exec master..xp_cmdshell 'cd d:\oneworld\ddp\B7332\system\bin32', no_output
exec master..xp_cmdshell 'd:\oneworld\ddp\B7332\system\bin32\runube JDE JDE
CRP733 R014021 XJDE0001 QB7332 "Batch" "Hold" "\\server\printer" ',


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Vladimir & List & Forum & Eric

Your question (how to post to Tips & Traps) was discussed on the General
Forum under a thread initiated by me:
"How to post to the new Tips & Traps forum Zoltan_Gyimesi 23 12/20/00
09:02 AM".
Unfortunately, you also have to have internet access to read it, so I will
send you a copy of this thread. Please, let me know what format do you
prefer HTML, DOC, TXT etc. replying me personally.

The second problem is that Tips & Traps is also one board on the Forum, so
to read it also needs internet connection. Sorry.
I am sure if you send a request for the current contents of that board and
for Tony's original collection (also requires internet to download it from
"") to "[email protected]" then you will get it.

Eric, what is the best way to vote for a post to put it to Tips & Traps? Do
you have enough time to read all messages that the Lists produce day to day?
1.) Reply the post with "vote" on the List???? (I don't think so.)
2.) Send the vote in a short message to "[email protected]" with the
identification datas as Subject, Sender, Date/Time?
3.) something else?

Best regards,


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)