Use Data Sel/Seq from a Section



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Hi folks,

I have a UBE with 2 sections. One is a driver which goes onto to call the 2nd.

The drivers BSVW is over F4801 F4102 and F41021.
The second section is over F41021 only.

It's being reported to me that despite me using RV GBL variables which I populate in the 1st section, the 2nd section seems to be updating more than was selected.
I find this odd as the 1st section populates RV variables for the entire F41021 key then calls the 2nd section and filters on the RV variables. (so it should just update whatever the F41021 key is - ONE LOTN LOCN MCU ITM etc.

Can I use Use Data Sel/Seq from a Section to copy down just the F41021 parts or will it over the minute it sees selects to F4801 when the second section isn't coded to look there?

The UBE is actually a clone of R41082 and I changed the Lot Status Update BSVW to add F4102, F41021 and a few more fields from F4108