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Hi Guys,

I am sending data to third party using consumer BSSV. The third party have recently done some changes in existing wsdl (added a new method) which I will be using to send more data to them.

Can anyone help me with the steps to reload url in Jdeveloper so that newly added method will be accessible to me?

EnterpriseOne 9.2

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi Pratik,

Did you happen to fix this issue. I working on similar stuff. Appreciate your response.



Hey Guys,

Since this is E1 9.2 have you considered changing your module to use the JD Edwards Orchestrator? Creating a orchestration to send data to the 3rd party may be less effort than modifying the BSSV and it could make maintenance going forward easier.



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Not sure this is the right way to do it, but the way I have updated a consumer BSSV is to delete all the generated code for consuming the third party web service and then re-generate it using the JDeveloper wizard. Depending on what has changed you may then have to modify the code that instantiates and invokes the generated code. If you want to see what is generated simply create a project in JDeveloper or if you want to run through the BSSV steps create a test BSSV object then run through the wizard and you will see what gets generated. It should be everything in the .Jxxxxxx.proxy package (see attached image for an example). As a general practice I don't believe you will have added any custom code or modified anything in the .proxy package but just make sure you have a good backup of the existing code before you delete anything.


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