Unable to update a Who's Who record using BSSV


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I want to update a Who's Who record in F0111 using BSSV. I use this business function B0100087 and below are my code in BSSV

bsfnParams.setValue("cActionCode", 2);
bsfnParams.setValue("mnAddressNumber", addressBookNumber);
bsfnParams.setValue("mnLineNumberID", 0);
bsfnParams.setValue("szNameMailing", broker.getDesignatedBroker());

bsfnParams.setValue("szNameAlpha", broker.getDesignatedBroker());

But it failed at this line

int error = bsfnService.execute(context, connection, "WhosWhoMBF", bsfnParams);

The errors I got was

Server Failure while executing business function. Please try request again. :WhosWhoMBF(Who's Who MBF)

Attached are the errors. Do you know why? I did a get for that business function and data structure and rebuilt it locally. I tested it using Jdeveloper 11g.

If there's a better way to do what I need to do, please let me know.


I use JDE


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Hi Andrew,

I think it's a problem of data type's. What type is addresBookNumber? you need pass MathNumeric type.

And mnLineNumberID, please try new MathNumeric(0).