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unable to assign value to RI variable in UBE using API JDELaunchUBEEX Via C bsfn


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Hi Friends,

I would like to execute UBE and its respective data selection dynamically via c bsfn using API JDELaunchUBEEX.

I would like to explain you my issue. I was executing UBE R47071 via API JDELaunchUBEEx, RI variables DOCO, KCOO and DCT is already available in this UBE R47071 and I have added one new RI Variable EDBT. I am passing parameteres UBE, Version, DOCO, KCOO, DCT and EDBT vaia JDELaunchUBEEx api. RI varaiables DOCO, KCOO, DCT values have been assigned from passed parameters but RI variable EDBT is always null value.

please help me, how can i fix this issue.



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Can you post your code? Not enough information to really get a good idea as to what is causing your issue. If you post your code, post both the .c and .h.

One thing: are you attempting to submit your UBE to the server? If so, has the UBE been packaged and deployed after the new RI changes?