E9.2 SQL0913 - Row or object &1 in &2 type *&3 in use


We are calling the standard JP4200010 BSSV from a Custom BSSV . Thiis custom BSSV is used on our ecommerce website. The sales orders are being created for a configured part, so they create a Work Order. The orders seem to get created but at the last minute of committing the data, the transaction is rolled back.
The debug shows the the isssue is not with the custom portion. the Standard BSSV itself fails. It creates the sales order line and as the F4211EndDoc calls the F4801EndDoc . There is update statement that is fired and that fails with his error code
WRK:AM920TZ_80000000_DConnector OS400QL016 - ExecuteSQLRequest: QSQLMSG *LIBL - SQL0913 - Row or object &1 in &2 type *&3 in use

Does anyone have this experience ?


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This typically indicates a database lock. I would look at the full message text and find the table that is locked and remove the DB lock.