Split vouchers (P0411S) bug


Hi List!

Have anybody seen the following bug:
Vouher consists of two pay items. One pay item is in
process of automatic payments. When I am trying to
change either pay status of the other pay item or
split it in P0411S the following error is returned:
"The voucher is currently being processed in a check
So It is impossible to split the voucher but despite
of this error it's possible to change it's pay status
into "A" only. That means that Error is active, I
change the status to A, click "OK" - no result, click
"cancel" - the status changed into A. But it's
impossible to replicate it for any other pay status
except "A".
I think I've found a SAR #4571724, ESU JD6332 for
that. But when I attempted to download the ESU from
knowledge garden I found that "It is not available

Alexander Gorsky

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