Sign in error


For the past few days, we have had some issues with our SSO. A few users a day will get the sign in screen with the error "Sign In Error: An unknow JAS sign in error occurred. Please contact the System Administrator". They are not getting this after a sign off but on their initial sign in. I have not noticed any issues on the server that SSO is installed on. The user is able to sign in with SSO by closing Internet Explorer and reopening it. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Please, look at any JAS logs for the same times - this is a JDE JAS error, so it looks like JAS is unable to do something and there should be some errors there to this effect.
We ended up restarting the servers because we were also having issues with Server Manager. We have not had any log in issues since the restart.
Excellent, thanks!

Yes, such strange JDE issues are usually cleared by a restart...
Everest Software and Showcase Query

We are implementing Everest JDE single sign on. We also use Showcase Query reporting. Since Showcase uses JDE E1 user id and password, they won't know the JDE password using JDESSO Ergo can't use Showcase. Anyone know of a workaround? We don't want to create user ids on our iSeries for each showcase user so that they can use showcase.
Re: Everest Software and Showcase Query

Why wouldn't you just implement JDE LDAP, forget about Everest SSO and be done with it?

Showcase can use the LDAP accounts (eg. Active Directory accounts).
This is a Jde JAS error, so it looks like JAS is unable to do something and there may be a errors effect on this. To implement JDE quite difficult.