Sessions Hanging


Hi Folks (my first post)

I would be keen to know if anyone has a similar issue.

We are on:
Xe, SP15, Update 2.
Host: Sun/Solaris 8 / Oracle 8.1.6
Client: WTS2000/Citrix 1.8 (SP2) (2 servers) Dual 933 1Gb Ram.

We are getting random sessions hang within OW. If we switch to another application within OW and perform an action (eg Find/Close) and then swith back to the application that hung it then unfreezes.

Along with this we have also had some jdenet timeout problems that cause sessions to hang. We have increased the jdenet timeout value to 30 to no avail.

We are running MS Office 2000 apps on the same WTS servers (although will change this soon)

Any thoughts appreciated - I would love to hear someone has the same issue.