I am trying to use the SVR to make code modifications. I have tried to set up
an active SAR, but I keep getting the message that the SAR is "Inactive".
I have entered a Work Order #, and in the Status field when I use F1 I get a UDC
list of 00/SS
I have set up my SAR status codes in UDC 92/SS.

HELP!!!!! Where have I gone wrong????

Any advice would be appreciated.

Colette Culver
RE: SAR\'s

okay, go to ur CASE profile(I dont remember the menu and right now I am at
home and have no access to AS/400) and if ur profile is not there set it up
and in SAR number put *none. By doing this , SVR will not as for SAR number.

Still having problems, call me or email me.


Naveed Rahimullah
Senior Consutlant
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RE: SAR\'s

Hi Try looking at the status field in the Work Order file, F4801. I believe
the status you require for your work order is round 20 (ish). Look at work
order number 5 for the status. I have not got access to a World screen at
present so I cannot tell you which field and what status...


Paul Chapman


RE: SAR\'s

The value you entered in the work order status field (which is validated
against UDC 00/SS) must also exist in UDC 92/SS. If you enter it in the UDE
table that doesn't have it, you will not get that error.

Ben Tonti
Solution Managers International, Inc.