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Sales Order Batch Processing - Required fields


Hi list!
Do you know where Can I find some info about the required / optional fields
for F4001Z and F4011Z (SOP batch processing files). I couldn't find any info
about it at user guides and at KG.

Diego F. Chareca
Consultor Senior Industria

Grupo ASSA
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(1107) Dique 1, Puerto Madero
Buenos Aires, República Argentina
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Legendary Poster
Hello Diego,

I ignore your system configuration (as our friend Zoltan always says: Could you show yours, please? We'll definitely share ours!).

Some time ago I asked for the same help you do today, and I GOT IT, from Rafal Molas. Now it's your turn ... to get it.
Attached is a compressed set of 4 files;
- the three F(4001Z, 4011Z & 0041Z1)s Rafal's (and let's thank him again)
- the S&F SO Table Map file is my final version (I had to do something easier, just Invoicing Personal Property Tax).
Use them and feel free to ask any question. The JDEListers are excited to be of help!

Adrian Chimirel
Programmer Analyst
LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806
RS/6000, Citrix, 200+ clients




There's a pretty good list at the JDETips website. Go to www.JDETips.com
then click on
the Tip of the Month button on the left, then go to the December 2000 tip.

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