Running UBEs on WTS


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Does anyone know if there is a way to run batchs locally on a WTS, something like the OWDEVELOPER group ?


Alexander Moraes
Yes you can run on a WTS. Just map (OCM) a group/user to run it locally. I'm
not sure but I believe that your reports will be generated under your
specific user profile directory (each WTS user has a specific user profile

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I don't know which release and SP you are on. But if you are on Xe SP 15, the OWDEVELOPER network group doesnot work. However you can change the jde.ini in order to have development capabilities (check in/out, deleting and running local). See SAR 5123173.

C Ho
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Hello Alexander,

do an override for these reports to run on LOCAL and then its working. Even
you are not able to change it when you are signed on to OneWorld via WTS
you can do it in this way.

Herbert Sickel

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Soul Glo

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You can run UBE's on your terminal servers by changing the OCM mappings but you should be aware that this can cause memory issues since they will be running locally the memory usage on the server can peak, which will cause performance issues.