Running UBE and Output to Print


Dear List,

When we run UBE and output to print it gives a jdenet_k.exe erorr on the
screen of our Enterprise Server. Our present setup is in Windows 2000
Advance Server and it is in a Cluster Environment Active/Active, and
database is SQL7Server7.

jdenet_k.exe - Application Error Message:

The instruction at "0x6a7911ee" referenced memory at "0x6a7911ee". The
memory could not be "read".

Please help!!!

Nicandri Hibe
B7332 SP11, Intel Windows 2000 Enterprise, SQL 7 SP1
When you use Windows 2000 for the Enterprise Server, Microsoft SQLServer 7 as the Database Server and MDAC 2.5 for the ODBC drivers, you have to add two settings to your JDE.INI file (on the Enterprise Server and on the clients).

These settings have to be added at the [DB SYSTEM SETTINGS] section:

Good luck!