Rounding Unit Price - UPRC 4 digits to 2 digits


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Hello All,

We have a unique requirement where Unit Price for all items has to be 2 digits. Consider Item ABC. Price of this item is sum of 3 adjustments which are Percentage based. So sometimes 3% of Cost comes as 2.678 and finally Unit price becomes 10.678 (just an example). Now we dont want to write UPRC = 10.678 in F4211 but as 10.68. This is a rigid requirement. We tried to round of GC UPRC in P421002. But if we round, JDE senses this as a Price override, turns the F4211.PROV = 1 and obsoletes all the adjustments of F4074. I am now analyzing the C BSFN's building the price, if I can round the adjustment calculations 3% of Cost comes as 2.678 to 2.68. Not sure this is feasible or good idea or not.

We even tried using round off in Advanced Pricing setup. But Functional guy says it does not work.

Any idea, suggestions - Technical of Functional, To DO - Not to do, experiences highly appreciated. We on E 9.20

Thanks for Reading.
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Quite surprised that "Functional guy says it does not work" since rounding adjustments are available since version 8.9.
So, the steps would be :
-create rounding rule (P95701)
-create a rounding adjustment (P4071) and add it to desired adjustment schedules (P4070)
-create adjustment details for that price adjustment (P4072) => define items/customers/orders that need price rounding

MyOracleSupport docID for rounding adjustments is 625669.1