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if you do not want to go through an upgrade (it's not so hard, actually) you
can do some nice cowboying to get the versions across.
In your B7332 installation create a Datasource, pathcode, etc pointing to
your Xe Central Objects - DV7333 (for example). Then go into Object Transfer
(which is still available in B7332) and transfer all the versions you want
from your prodb733 pathcode to the DV7333 pathcode.( You may need a DV7333
environment definiton here with OCM for F983051 pointing to Central
Objects - DV7333.)This will work for custom versions of JDE Reports. If you
want to migrate custom reports you would have to fiddle with O.L. (F9860/61)
I have done it before and it worked for me from B7331 to Xe.
About the Security Table: which one are talking about, F98OWSEC or P00950?
Anyway, I would try an SQL like this:

insert into sys7333.f98owsec as select * from sysb733.f98owsec where ....

If you want you can copy the entire table with OW tools like OL-CopyTable.
Same for F00950. Should work, worked for me. Keep backup copies before you
do the SQL.

Good luck, Gerd

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Dear all,

We are running on One World B7332 and we intend to do a plain
vanilla install for XE to make maximum useage of its relaiabilty, etc...

What about all the custom versions of the JDE reports made.. These
are merely Data Selections... Is ther a way to take a copy of these
selections ( we are talking 288 versions of reports... )

One other thing, if I export the security table, would I be able to
just import it into the XE environment afterwards ??


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