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a similar question has been discussed here e few weeks ago.

The JDE-document about changing out the Deployment server is good, correct
and complete. Your wish to do the upgrade without disturbing the production
environment is wise. Others had the same wish before. Therefore is HAS been
done previously.

I would do the following: Before you start your upgrade change out your old
deployment server, maintaining the same server-name on the new box. That's
the easiest way to do it. You do not want to upgrade from one deployment
server to the other. Not that it is impossible, it's just very hard and in
your situation not necessary. Keep in mind that any upgrade process running
on the deployment server does not affect your production other then database

Then I would ADD a new Enterprise Server (you don't want change out your old
one yet, you are still running it in production, aren't you?). Documentation
on that should be available. Also, you could create a plan to install a new
enterprise server using the planner tool on the deployment server. If your
new Enterprise is NT as well, you just copy the whole JDE directory to your
new server, create the apropriate logical datasources, the server-map and it
should work just great.
Then you can move your datasources from one SQL instance to the other via
backup/restore. After the copy just point to the new location by changing
your datasource definition.

After all this I would start doing the Upgrade.

Good luck, Gerd

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Hi all,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am intending to upgrade our B7332 installation to Xe. However I wish to do
this on a new pair of servers. This is so I can run through the upgrade
process a couple times and not disrupt our ongoing development on our
current installation.

We have a large amount of customisation on our current installtion that
needs to remain intact for Xe. Therefore I wish to restore our current
installation to a new machine with a new name for the upgrade. I have found
a great document on the Knowledge Garden called 'Changing out a Deployment
Server' (OTI-99-0057) that describes how to do this. Can anyone confirm that
this method is successful and problem free?

Unfortunately I cannot find a corresponding document for the Enterprise
server. Does anybody know if 'Changing out an Enterprise Server' exists. Or
can anyone let me know what to restore to the new enterprise installation
and what changes I need to make to the relevent tables in the restore

Many thanks in advance,

Rob Boden

OneWorld B7332 sp10
Ent Srv NT 4.0 sp6a, SQL 7.0 sp3

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