recording changes to work orders


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Is there any easy way to write a program that would give us changes that were made to work orders. I don't see any ledger file. We are using JDE 9.0. We need to send changes to our WMS system but I don't really want to mod the existing JDE program to create a separate file

any help would be great



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Here is one way:

You can turn on outbound interoperability for the Work Orders application. This will create a Z record in the F4801Z1 for every work order change/addition. You can create you external program to pick up records from this table.


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here's what we do:
1. In JDE Create a clone of F4801 - call it F554801L - that's a mirror image of F4801 plus a Operation (ADD/CHG/DEL) field and a database date/time stamp field that is part of the Primary key.
2. In JDE Create a BSVW based on F554801L and a simple Find/Browse Form using the BSVW that shows all the columns you care about. Make sure the Form's Data Structure has the DOCO (Order Number) included. In the Post-Dialog-Init event stuff the FI DOCO field into the QC Order Number field (Grid Query Column). Then have it execute Find.
3. In P48013 - Form J (or whatever WO Apps you want to use) Add a Row Exit that calls your new Custom App/Form passing the Grid Row's DOCO.
4. Outside of JDE at the database level create a database trigger on F4801 that writes a after-image copy of WO Adds and changes to the F554801L table. Optionally put filters in your triggers to exclude certain programs/events from being logged (to reduce the noise level).

Now you have your History of changes to WOs accessible via one click from P48013.