Reading Data from XML via BSVV


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Hello Everyone

I am working on a project to consume external webservice. I am calling the webservice in 3 steps:
1. Making a connection to the SOAP
2. Sending Request to the SOAP
3. Receiving Response from the SOAP.
Response consists of multiple values, I need to parse the values into multiple fields. How can I do it? I tried various options but without success. Below is my Response that is coming from the SOAP request that is in XML format. I have to parse the statustext, statusCode and status fields into each of its own variable. How can I do it?

Response SOAP Message = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
<Response xmlns="">
<status statusText="OK" statusCode="0" />
<statusDPH status="NE" >
You haven't posted your E1 version details so its difficult to guide. I assume you have 8.12+ version and have BSSV installed in your instance. Simple would be to write a C function using the APIs to conusme the external web service. You can refer to the guide from Oracle.

On E1 9.1 release and creating BSSV to consume external web service. I have created the WSDL using the wizard but now need to send Request and receive response from WSDL.
Yes for E1 9.x you will have to use the parser APIs to read the data from XML thru a C function.