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RE: two separate installs


RE: two separate installs

This is how I got my setup before:
1 deployment
1 enterprise for all environment(prod, crp, dev, pris)
this setup was ok when we only have less than 100 users using it but when we
increase the user with Citrix and JAS the system seem to slow down.
We did this:
1 deployment
1 ent for prod( upgrade from Quad 550 Pii Xeon to Quad pii 700 Xeon with 2mb
1 ent for crp,dev
1 Apps for prod( Quad 700 Xeon with 1mb cache)
1 jas
citrix (dual PIII various memory from 2-4g)

The performance increase almost double we have not have any major problem
with JDE except the DB side. I do not think 2 deployments will help you a
lot unless you do a lot of development and build package. Oh, we also do a
lot of Custome UBE and Programming. Try to concentrate you performance on
the DB server.
Hope this help.

Thai Nguyen
J.D. Edwards System Admin.


Re: two separate installs


JDE has a document on "Multiple Foundation" where you can have different SP
level. As for the ESU testing, you might want to make use of the SnapShot

Wong CK


VIP Member
Re: two separate installs


I think that two totally different installations are not a good idea, other then in very special circumstances.
Your case is quite typical: the system is growing and performance goes down.
I understand that you are having two sets of (OW) system tables, OL tables, etc.
Now when you do development in your dev-environment, how do you transfer objects from dev or crp to prod? You would have to use product packaging or do some cowboying.

In your case I would use a seperate Enterprise Server for CRP, DEV, etc, but only one Deployment Server and one set of shared datasources (system, ol, dd).
One OW installation may have many Enterprise Servers, but there is only one Deployment Server.

Good luck, Gerd

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RE: two separate installs


I understand exactly what you are talking about. I know of a group doing
this for customers....providing the proper configuration, costs....etc.

If you want info on this just reply to this email, if not..good luck with
your plan, you are on the right track.