Re: Service Pack 15.1 009 One Off


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Re: Service Pack 15.1 009 One Off

Don't forget to run the LINKBSFN. It is not in the documentation, but
needs to be done. This also happend to us.

Tom Davidson
ES AS/400 V4R4, CO SQL 7.0, Xe (as of today), Citrix Metaframe 1.8

Has anyone had any problems with SP15.1 and the 009
One-Off? SP15.1 went in
fine for us but the One-Off caused signature violations
in almost every program
in b7333sys. Has anyone else seen this issue?

OW 7332 SP 11.3VER, NT 4.0 SP 5, TSE 4.0 SP 4, Metrframe 1.8, CO SQL 7.0