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Re: MRP Net Change VS. Full Regen

To everyone using MRP,

Forgive me for not elaborating on the reasons why we
use net change versus why we use full regeneration -
clearing out the files 3411,3412,3413 and starting
from scratch. I was responding to an immediate need
and therefore made my comments short and specific to
that need.

Net change design intent or theory of operations
behind Net change was for it to be used for specific
items or a small category of items to capture any
change made on a demand or supply of a finish good and
therefore the finish goods' dependent children.
When using Net Change in this manner, performance is a
none issue. Net Change executes within minutes. To use
Net Change against an entire branch/plant with several
thousand items makes no sense because that is why you
would use Full Regeneration.

From a Mfg Planning Perspective, as an example, net
change would be executed during mid-month against
known specific items where the actual sales is
significantly under or over forecast and we want to
see the net affects on inventory for finish goods and
their dependent raw materials. This then assists the
mfg planner/buyer in scheduling production and
coordinating delivery of raw materials to support
production for those exception items where forecast
was significantly over or under sold.

How do we find items that have significantly under or
over sold forecast - simple you create forecast vs.
actual sales report and filter, as an example, any
significant over or under sells above say 25%.

This is reason there is use for Net Change vs. Full
Hope that I haven't confused anyone.