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Re: Missing F0911 transactions from P31113



Re: Missing F0911 transactions from P31113


we experienced a similiar problem late in our CRP process last year when we
were on the 7331 base release (I believe this is synonymous with 733 SP3).
Installing SPs 7 and 7.1 fixed the vast majority of these. SP 11.3 has
corrected other transactional integrity issues in B7331. If you need a
quick hit install these service packs - I think that's why JDE puts them
out there :>)
Larry Jones
I.T. White Knight
Wagstaff, Inc., Spokane, WA USA
509.922.1404 x3266
ERP:  JDE OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
Tech: HPUX 11, Oracle 8.0.5, NT4/Win2K

Jeff White
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11/13/2000 12:19
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We are running OneWorld 733 Base SP3 (HP9000/Oracle). We are experiencing
missing batches in the F0911 table when doing inventory transactions using
the program Work Order Program P31113 Form H "Inventory Issues". What we
see is records in the F4111 which do not make it to the F0911. When this
problem occurs, it seems that the entire batch is missing from the F0911.
The problem is mostly random and affects approximately 1% of our
transactions. We have some large Work Orders (over 1000 lines) which seem
to have more problems than others. We have also noticed that once a Work
Order has a problem, it is more likely to have problems with missed batches
in the future.
OUC views this as a very serious data integrity issue. We have plans to
upgrade to Xe; however, we need to find a solution quickly which works with
our present software OneWorld 733 Base SP3.
Any help or insight you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Jeff White. Orlando Utilities Commission jwhite@ouc.com

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Larry Jones
OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11.0, Oracle SE 8.0.5