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RE: Customer Security

You could attempt to use search type security, but it is only good for
P01051 and P01200.
RE: Customer Security

Look into Search Type Security?

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Scott Parker
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Re: Customer Security

You could use the responsible business unit field under the long
address number.
This would work in conjunction with business unit security. It's on
the 1st screen of
the address book master.

Long Addr No.
Resp. Bus. Unit . . .

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Re: Customer Security

You may try one of the following:

Add new Processing Option: (simple)
Basically you add a new ProcOpt flag as simple as (Y/N or 0/1) you turn it
On for qualified users.

Use Category Codes: (complex)
You may need to use Cat.Codes to build a security front end to customer
master informations.

Both are dueable depends on your plan.

Emad Banoub
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"Mike.Iaconis" <[email protected]> on 07/02/2001
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