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Re: AS/400 SQLPKG cleanup

Create a CL program full of DLTSQLPKG commands. Run this program as an early
call from your startup program (assuming you IPL at least once a month).
Alternatively, you can schedule it from WRKJOBSCDE. QZDASOINIT jobs tend to
leave locks lying around on SQLPKG's, so you'll need a CL pgm to shutdown
OneWorld, QSERVER, and the Host Servers first, run the DLT's, then start it
all up again.
Not recommended to point ODBC's to the same library... long story, see the
tuning guide.


Re: AS/400 SQLPKG cleanup

Thanks for the tips.

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Re: AS/400 SQLPKG cleanup

we are using JD Edwards Enterprise one, AS400 server & OS400 OS. While deleting the SQL package all packages are not getting deleted at time. Before deleting the SQL packages through CL program what code I will mention there. Kindly help me.