Re: AS/400 Lib Size


Re: AS/400 Lib Size

RTVDSKINF Retrieve disk info

and then PRTDSKINF print disk info

provides reports by LIB only and or LIB / OBJ with percentage of total disk

The RTVDSKINF loads its own system files QAEZDISK member QCURRENT
which can be queried if necessary to do your own reporting.

Its a heavy instruction so schedule outside of PROD hours.

ian_newman <[email protected]> on 03/04/2001 08:12:15

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Use DSPOBJD OBJ(your library/*ALL) OBJTYPE(*ALL) and either press enter (to
run interactively) or press function key F4. Once in the prompt screen you
may select to print or output to an flat file which you can download and
then run some analysis with XLS or the likes.

You will have to repeat this for each specific library. I would suggest
submitting this to batch, using SBMJOB, in which case you may only use the
*PRINT or *OUTFILE options.

Ian Newman

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