R03B11Z1I AR Batch Processor


We are currently having performance/speed problems
using the AR batch processor for processing interfaced
transactions into the F03B11 and F0911 tables.
Currently, it's taking 1 minute per record which of
course is unacceptable. We are on B73.3.2
SP13.1_cache on an AS/400 platform. We've not yet
loaded the new prereq ESU, but have loaded over 200
other ESU's since installation.

Anyone with any ideas or experiences?


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(stranger )
2/2/02 09:33 AM
Improving Performance of Batch AR Invoice Processing [Post#: 28002 ]

Tip for those of you using the R03B11Z1I UBE to process large volumes of invoices into Accounts Receivable. We were experiencing very poor performance (approximately 2500 invoices per hour) through this UBE. We found that this UBE accesses the F0911Z1 file using a SQL statement that does not use an existing logical. We built a logical access path over the F0911Z1 file by VNEDBT, VNEDTN and VNEDSP. The performance improved from 2,500 invoices per hour to 60,000 per hour.
This should work for anyone. The more records you have in the F0911Z1 file the bigger the performance gain will be.

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