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Hi Team,
If anybody looking into P42232 problem. Here are some more interesting facts
which might help u (didn't help me) to get to the root.

I have created simple find browse form and header detail form.
For one Sales Order from find browse, I am showing detail Form.
Following changes in events :-
Row Exit and changed-Async
One comment line
Write grid line after -
Initializing one of the grid variable to blank (just to force row exit and
changed event) for all grid line even if the user has not changed anything.
AS/400 guys- Just to reactivate Subfile Next change..!!

Now When I press OK on detail screen it process only first record out of say
3 detail lines. i.e. i'ts going to row exit and changed event only once.

This is what exactly happening to P42232 when called from P4210. But somehow
while coming back from P42232 by pressing revise order, it's able to process
row exit and changed event for all three records (without changing

One Solution (I know this is not a right approach but just as a temp. fix)
I tried to include code to force writing records in cache (First time only)
since P42232 uses cache to fill grid lines.

It write records but every time it's creating records in cache, it's
creating new blank line entry on the screen too..!!

Knowledge garden- There were some SARs for this problem in 1998/1999
according to JDE they have been fixed and released with new versions..!!

This program is becoming critical issue since we are relying on this guy to
get the tax information..!!

If u need more input let me know..!!

Thanks in advance,


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I don't uderstand your problem exactly and I amn't experienced with P42232 but maybe you can try to set "Process All Rows in Grid" (when it isn't set already) on the Option sheet called from Grid Properties sheet.
This options works for updatable forms only (Header and Headerless Detail).
Please, send me a short private message if it works (I am curious)

P.S.: ... and what is with your OneWorld release, I don't remember it :(