P31113 not updating cardex


Has anyone had problems with work order issues not updating the cardex? We have had sporadic problems with users on Citrix. They do not receive any errors, yet some lines update the cardex and some do not. We have inserted a custom edit that checks the files after the issue is done, and tells the user that they are out of balance. This was the only way we could track it, since the user did not receive errors. We are on Update 3, and installed ESUs recommended by Denver in March.


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Yes, We have noticed it here fairly recently. It was by accident that we found this out. There are no errors reported. As of now I am trying to write a report to identify the discrepancies that we may have. Can you please shed more light on the custom edit that you have done to flag the user that an 'out of balance' situation has occured. Do you compare the F3111 TRQT to the total of IM transactions on the F4111 for that WO/Item/Location combination? Do you use unplanned issues?
I have raised this issue with Denver over a week ago but no problems has been identified yet. Please keep us posted.

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I as well am interested in this issue...keep us posted!

My users have reported material not being consumed, but I always tend to dismiss them as bill/routing setup errors....


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Yes we have the same problem on a very occasional basis (Citrix). Items off the BOM raise no IM entries to the P4111 and F41021 is not updated. The GL entry is correct however. We have built a report which compares the F41021 balances to the F0902 (every stock GL Class code has its own corresponding GL Stock account). It also isolates unposted work orders (completed but not GL updated). This report is critical in ensuring our stock integrity. It auto runs at 5.00am daily. Anomalies (P31113 and screen freezes on stock receipts are examples) are quickly discovered and corrected on a daily basis. There is no way we could be without this report. We are reluctant to apply the relevant parts of ESU 14340, which apparently fixes the problem(?) for various reasons. Our next upgrade is due in around 8 months. We're on Xe (18.1).

John Eccleton


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These problems are believed to be quite common. I have experienced these problems in Manufacturing on both P31113 and P31114. My colleagues experience similar issues across Sales and Purchasing although JDE have built in Rollback features in these areas they neglected good old Manufacturing.

We have experienced Transactions registering in the F3111 and F4801 Table but they fail to hit the F4111 or F41021. On rare occasions the F4111/F41021 is updated TWICE.

The Strategy adopted here was to build two Integrity Reports to compare the tables. These reports differ between businesses due to the differing requirements of Lot Control, Receipt Routing, Unplanned Issues, etc. We generally find that the F4801 and F3111 is always correct therefore the second part of the Strategy is two bespoke applications that reverse out the Transaction Quantity and Unnaccounted Units from F4801 and F3111 before calling P31113 or P31114 to roll the trasaction forward again so that it hits the F4111/F41021. This works very well but it requires Super-User skills. I found that even the best trained users attempted to use the bespoke apps to correct simple over-issues! Use with caution!

Michelle D.

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We have had this problem since before we went live on B732.2 in October
1999! We are now on Xe, SP18.1, Update 2. We have significantly fewer
problems (have seen about a dozen since we upgraded to Xe in Feb. 2002
compared to about two dozen every month on B732.2!). We have opened
numerous calls with Denver and have received absolutely no help. They
actually said that we were the only one reporting these types of issues!
I'm so glad (in an unfortunate kind of way) that others are experiencing the
same problems!

Mark Brown and John Eccleton have said that they created various integrity
reports ... would either one of you be willing to share your code? I'm sure
there are several people who would really appreciate it!!

Michelle Dulay
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OneWorld Xe, SP 18.1, Update 2
Windows 2000 Deployment / Enterprise
SQL 2000


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Re: RE: P31113 not updating cardex

Hi Michelle,

I don't have a soft copy of our stock reconciliation report but I could courier you a copy if you send me your address details. email me at [email protected].

John Eccleton
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