P12120 - Functionaliity


Hi List!

Somebody know how this program work G1311/P12120.
I need to setup something to run this program, I already had the asset, the
account and AAI.

a) The program don't retrieve the current reading.
b) The user find a asset
b.1) In the exit row click Meter Change
b.2) Select the Hour Meter
b.3) Type in new values in the three fields below
b.4) Click Ok

At this moment the program close and if I run again the program, I can't see
the values that I capture.

We are in B733 SP10.1


PD If someone is using this program I appreciate if you could send me the
event rules to compare with mine. I think the event rules are incompletes in
my program. I already check all the environment PROD, DEV, PRIST, CRP.

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1. It seems you try to change the meter of an equipment. The system is
asking you for the reading of the old meter and the new meter to calculate
the lifetime reading of the equipment.
2. In case you just want to record actual meter readings (and not change the
meter), don't take the row exit but enter your current reading or the net
increase directly into the appropriate row.
3. The program is designed to close out and bring you back to the menu.
4. The balances are kept by date. Make sure that you inquire with the same
date you used when entering the readings at meter change.
5. There are a couple of SAR's out for this program. At on client site, we
had to apply several SAR's for B7331 SP6 to make it work. Check the KG. (One
of our issues was that the system would DOUBLE UP the readings).
6. The relationship of the dates to each other is: Current Reading -
Original Reading = Lifetime Reading.
7. Make sure that the current reading is not a multiple of the rollover
reading or the system assumes it is 0, i.e. blank.
8. To see if the system keeps any balances, go to Meter Inquiry and inquire
for equipment/asset for a date range which covers the date for which you are
entering meter readings.


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I just want to add that the meter readings are stored on the F0911 =
Ledger and the F0902 Account Balances. It is a good idea to check on =
files the accounts that you are directing on your FMD and FMC AAI=B4s =
understand what the system does behind the scenes with the data inputs =
this program (it is easier to understand if done with the UTB). Try
different dates, meter changes and rollovers and check what happens =
with the
balances and with the entries on the ledger.

Also, if it is not clear enough in the message above, Meter Change is =
only when you are installing or replacing the original meter with a new =
different one. To record meter readings do what Nico said in paragraph =

Best Regards,

Jorge Cabrera
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