OWDLC question


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I have been using OWDLC all along - and its one of the best Tools ever for JDE.

However, lately we get this error when trying to open the debug file in between the ER debugging - I could have sworn it was working before.

So when on the debugger (say at a breakpoint where you are ready to look at the log on the OWDLC before trouble shooting any further) and you try to access the debug log via the OWDLC - it shows this error ==> "The document C:\jdedebug.log is in use by another application and cannot be accessed" .

We have to copy the file onto some place else to look at the debug log and it works ; but it does not allow us to look at the log in between.

Did it not allow that in the past ? or am I missing something ?

Alex - thoughts?


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I don't have that problem with OWLDC. Maybe you have a Virus Scanner or other program that is keeping an exclusive lock on the file?


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Thank you for your interest in our software products and for the positive feedback!

What version are you running? Is the same happening with the current version?

When you are trying to make changes in a STOPPED process (i.e.: as you are describing, in a Debugger, when the process is stopped on a break point), it cannot go ahead because the process in question is actually stopped. It's a fundamental property of process management under any OS.


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Look at the logs, yes, may be, if you say so.

But clearing the log is a different can of fish: it does not do this as an external executable, it starts a new thread within the target process to run our code which does this and that would not work if the target process is stopped. If this makes sense. It's not particularly easy to explain...


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Alex, what you have is great and thanks for letting us have it for free. I only use it now for clearing the DDDICTS etc.
OW info does clear the logs. All or a specific one. Only draw back with it is the JAS logs but they still get cleared, they don't always show up in Owinfos Log list


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Alex - thanks so much for your reply - sorry got pulled into other things at work and so could not respond sooner.

Yep - will check the version and or get the new version and try. I thought earlier I was able to open the debug log even at breakpoints - but it doesn't do it anymore.

Will try again with maybe the new version and update here.