OW B73.3.2 / AS400 / SQL 7.0 COs / go-live Jan 2001


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JDE List,

I am having problems getting default printers to work. I can set them up
without any problem, however, when I go to print, no default printer

I am guessing this is something simple that I am overlooking but I cannot
find the "simple" solution.

I have searched KG and JDELIST archives and cannot find anything that

Please help ASAP.

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You need to add the printers to your Enterprise Server (AS400)
prior to adding them to OneWorld. Then you should be able to define
default printers for your users. Also, are you talking Citrix/WTS??
Here you have to create a custom connection for the user (after deleting
their profile on the WTS) and then add their printer on the WTS itself.
Remove custom ICA connection so user can't access the desktop directly.
Hope this helps.

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