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Dear All,

We are running JDE for almost 13 years now. We started a long time ago with our fat client menu, now it is the navigator were we created our own menu structure which is maybe 10 levels deep. We did several big project the last years, added new companies and business units and the menu was growing and growing. We want to start with a new menu.

The question I have is there a possibility to start logging all menu items which are used by our users? For Batch programs I could retrieve it from the submitted jobs but for Programs I need to know which are started by which users and how many times. Based on that information I could skip a lot of menu items but I could also classify it on importance.

I really hope someone knows a way to do this because that makes the project of creating a brand new navigator menu much easier.

Thank you in advance

JDE9.1 TR 9.1.4
Hi Rival,
probably you need to look at server manager info. My client developed a simple script that periodically parse server manager info and store they into a file.

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Bruno Condemi
Hi Bruno,

Do you know where to find this in Server Manager?

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I am not sure you can do this in E1. I can do it in World but I couldnt work out how to do it easily in E1.

normally companies need to ask their users anyway so trying to redo your menus without at least some BA input will be difficult.
Hi, Off couse you need to do it in combination with our users but this analysis could help you a lot. You cannot talk to every user in every business unit. The logs would give me all programs used on regular base so after analyzing we could focus on the menu items which were not started during 2 months for example.

Does anyone else have a good idea how to do this?