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Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent users from logging in multiple times. I mean I don't want joebobcs to log in and then his buddy beside him log in using the same login. I only want one joebobcs logged in at any point in time. This is mostly for security reasons. Thanks for the help.

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You can always setup Unified Logon and let the OS (NT/Novell) restrict the user from logging on multiple times.



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Sorry no. OneWorld will not stop this.

This can be a real headache with Terminal Server as a number of Workfiles
are keyed on UserId and WorkStation, so for TSE users who share IDs this
results in none unique transactions, so what will happen is the first user
to Commit will clear all Workfile transactions to that userid.

You cannot even do it at the database end, as OneWorld requires multiple
database connections.

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There is a shareware you can use to do this. The freeware utility is =
called SO.exe and it is available form You need to =
install this in WINNT\System32 directory on your Citrix servers. Then =
add the executable to your USRLOGOM.CMD file.=20

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