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Hello. Does anyone know if there is a way to set minimum/maximum amounts by sales order doc type? We're having a situation where we'd like to insure that credits are entered correctly, i.e. maximimum amount = 0.00 so that they are forced to enter a negative amount.

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Create a line type and make sure the "reverse sign" is checked. Then create a separate version for P4210 which points back to the line type created.
If you don't like automatically reversing line types, as others will
undoubtedly suggest, there is a way to use Advanced Pricing to enforce this
rule. Also, you can create the credit automatically from sales history,
which will reverse the quantity automatically. If you want to know more
about how to enforce this using Advanced Pricing, email me offline and I'll
get you the info.

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What you could do is have a different version of P4210 for each documenttype
and have different hold codes per version of P4210, thus you can have
different checks per document type.