Memory Leak


I was wondering if any of you guys/girls have any tips/ techniques or recommended tools that I can use for tracing memory leaks?? I have tried Bounds Checker but that hasn't helped me much. I know that the app leaks memory but bounds checker doesn't give me any indication of the leak or where its happening. It probably needs access to the JDe API source to function correctly.

Any suggestions will be very appreciated.


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Why do you want to trace memory leaks?
Is the reason to find and correct such type of bugs that "Invalid memory override or read" and similars?
If this is the situation then consider upgrading to SP 14.
See more discussion about this on the "OneWorld XE" Forum under the thread with subject "Threaded Business Function".

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we are having some memory problems mainly on the ship confirm UBE and the sales order APP. They have large volumes of sales transactions on a daily basis so even though the leak may be 50 - 100K per order it adds up. And these are running on WTS so the all the mem resources are off the server.

Someone has to come in at 5am to restart the servers to ensure the system will survive the day without crashing.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience in tracing leaks such as these and if they could share their experiences.


B7331 SP11 /Oracle