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JDE OneWorld XE, Release: B7333

I’m still fairly new to JDE. This is the first time I’m working with Media Objects, specifically for the “P0911 – Journal Entries” screen - adding JEs to the Batch.

Question 1: Is there a way to prevent a user from modifying or deleting an attachment once it’s been attached, but still have read access? Unfortunately, this is a showstopper for the project I’m currently developing.

Question 2: There is a Row Exit called “Attachments” for attaching a Media Object. Why don’t I see it in the “Menus/Toolbar exits…” for the form?

Question 3: Are there bugs when attaching an OLE? One of the users attached an OLE to a new JE (first), saved the JE, then accessed the JE, but the attachment wasn’t there. When the user entered a new JE (second) and then tried to attach an OLE, the attachment from the first JE appeared. There is a new form that calls the P0911 where the OLEs are attached, and neither of the attachments is available for viewing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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1. Not directly with the version you're on. Media Object Security was introduced in a later version of EnterpriseOne - and works specifically on the web client (which Xe, your version, isn't necessarily deployed with). This is a negative aspect of working with software that is 17 years old (Xe was introduced in 2000). However, you CAN place File Level security on the NT Folder where media objects are stored, which will prevent users from deleting attachments. But they will get some form of error message if they attempt to delete an attachment. And I'm not 100% certain if that will delete the "link" leaving the attachment "orphaned".

2. Because "Attachments" is a part of foundation code - and is always available for all forms with grids. Again, this is controlled later using Media Object Security.

3. I'm not sure what this might be - but its more likely a bug with whatever service pack you're using in combination with the version of Microsoft Office. You might get more information if you can provide your Tools Release (try "Help/About" in a OneWorld client - or, to get the actual version, look at \b7\system\bin32\ptf.log)

If this is a "live/production" instance for your company, you really need to upgrade. There are significant risks to continuing to run EnterpriseOne/OneWorld Xe at that release level - and it sounds that you're trying to implement/rollout new functionality on a product that is extremely old. The cost to upgrade will need to incorporate whether you have a maintenance agreement with Oracle, and what licenses you currently have. There is an upgrade from Xe to 9.2 - but that is the final "single step" upgrade possible.

Alternatively, you need to be aware that if you are a production instance, and you don't want to incorporate any significant costs, then you need to put a halt to rolling out any request for new functionality.


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Thank you for the response. I really appreciate it.

Regarding questions 1 and 2, you confirmed what I was thinkg. For question 3, I discovered it isn't a bug. It was procedural. I watched the user enter an attachment for a Journal Entry in the P0911 - Work with Journal Entries. The user added the Journal Entries and the attachment at the same time before clicking the OK button to save. Since Media Objects are based on a key, the user needed to save the Journal Entries first before attaching any documents.

Also, Yes. This is a "live/production" instance at the company where I work, and Yes, this is an implementation/rollout of new functionality. I mentioned the risk of this project, especially since it involves modifying some of the base code for the general ledger. I won't get into the specifics, but finance requested a Journal Entry Automation process to be put in place, where batches must be approved by individuals designated as Approvers instead of the batches being auto-approved. I asked why they didn't want to use JDE's Approval Workflow process. They said it didn't meet all of their needs.

Some more information based on your comments...My company does have a maintenance agreement with Oracle, and the license(s) we currently have include the upgrade from Xe to 9.2. Management is suppose to decide this fiscal year whether to upgrade to 9.2 or decide to implement a different ERP. From what I've heard so far, management is leaning toward upgrading to 9.2.


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From what I've heard so far, management is leaning toward upgrading to 9.2.
Totally the right choice ! Believe me, its a substantially less risky endeavor than any other option. Keep me in mind if you're looking for help with the upgrade. I have done 3 x 9.2 upgrades this past year.