Long time to open Configurator


Hello everybody,

I'm new and i search responses to my interrogation without success. Sorry for my english wish are so bad !!

My firm use JDE 9 (tools 9.1) now. There are 6 environnements, 1 DEV, 1 PY, 1 REC, 1 Formation, 1 PPROD and 1 PROD.
Solo PPROD and PROD are turning with 2 server distinct each one.

My answer is about configurator JDE. I would like to know if someone have sames problems of slowness.

In PROD environnement the configurator is turning more than 120 secondes before open when you use Line-->Kit configurator on a configured item in a existant sales order.
Sometimes there are messages which indicate "error server JDE" and at this stat it's impossible to finally access at the configurator.

Always in PROD environnement the configurator is turning more than 350 secondes before open, everytime, when we Copy a config from the history configuartion.

In the PPROD environnement and others, all of this times are almost divides by 2.

We have done a lot of audits about this problems, with tool Perfomance work bench to analyse Logs files and we didn't find somthing that's sinificatif. The fact we used JDE in French and the fact there are traduction of the table F0005D is not the principal cause of our problem. Sometimes it's more quickly in English, sometimes it's more quicly in French.

Maybe those times of responses of the configurator are Normal, but i haven't any comparatif. If someone can share his experience...

Thank you very much