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I want to know if anyone knows How I can program something to
automatically do want the combination of the Control + End Keys do.

I want to program something that takes me to the last record of the
grid, but without any user intervention.

Thanks in Advance


Ronnet Patino
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There are ways to get to the last grid line here is three example.
Depending on the Form your using (Find & Browse ect.) one or all of these techniques will work

Example I

1. Use a data item form business view and place it in the Form header then make sure the properties for wild card is checked.

2. Double click on grid select grid properties make sure Disable Page-at-a Time Processing is checked.

3. In post dialog initialized use system function (Press Button) to press the find button.

Exapmple II

1. Double click on grid then select grid properties the check these too boxes Automatically Find On Entry and Disable Page-at-a-Time processing

Example III
1. Read the Business view yourself then load data in grid using system function Insert Grid Buffer Row

Timothy Wolliston
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And what is the solution if I retrieve the grid manually using Insert Grid Buffer Row but I need to move the cursor to the first row ?